Sabtu, 31 Juli 2010

Evil, Save Me


Save me

Save me,
Save me.

Make me your slave.

And i will be your gigolo, but yet.

Save me,

Save me.

Touch my stuff and pay me next.

Yes i am your gigolo, but yet

Save me,

Save me.

Make me feel that i'm a human, but yet.

Then you'll take me back to my home, wet.

Save me,

Save me.

I am a sinner,

You are evil.

Yes i'm a slave for you evil devil.


Blank Movement

I move myself from this availability..

Moving to the unconsciousness.

What a deal..

A Story,

Completely complicated and filled with some unreasonable question.

What a deal..

Moved again,

Until I found another question,

But still.



What a deal..


I shut my mind down Immediately.

And there's another question appear but it clear,

With no deal.

Because death already here.


Selasa, 06 Juli 2010

Tuhan Kebebasan

Tuhan Kebebasan.

Bawa jasadku.
Giring jiwaku.
Menuju Kerajaan Abadi-Mu.

Sang Pembebas,
Bebaskan nyawaku dari ke-sementaraan fana,
Biarkan aku menjelum puas mata air Keindahan-Mu.
Karena disetiap aku,
Ada ragu.
Dan tetap saja aku membelum.

Tuhan Kebebasan,
Bawa aku dan jiwaku menuju kerajaan Abadi-Mu,
Dimana tak ada ragu disitu..